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Karl V. Perry Sr.



Welcome to KP Designs and Apparel where quality meets style! We pride ourselves on not just delivering exceptional products but also exceptional service. We understand that fashion is a reflection of one's personality and we design with that in mind. We want to ensure our customers feel like a walking piece of art in our designer T-shirts. At KP Designs and Apparel, we are committed to producing premium T-shirts which stand out from the rest.

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Why Boujee and Swag Baaeba?


At KP Designs and Apparel, we embrace the Boujee lifestyle and everything it represents. We believe that being Boujee is about enjoying the finer things in life while still being humble and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that being Boujee means being negative and stuck up. We aim to change that perspective by showcasing the positive and empowering aspects of the Boujee lifestyle through our unique designs and apparel. We want women to feel confident and sophisticated, while also staying true to who they are.


KP Designs and Apparel is all about capturing the essence of – Swag. It's that confidence that oozes out through your clothing and demeanor. We are a brand that stands for stylish confidence – Swag is not just a trend, it’s a mindset – and that's what we promote. We want our customers to be confident in who they are, regardless of what they’re wearing. It's not about the brand, it's all about the person.


 Our designs embrace the New Orleans spirit, where we call everyone 'Baby,' emphasizing the warmth and friendliness of our culture. Just a heads up, it's not like we're flirting or anything; that's simply our style of conversation. Here's a quick lesson on how to say "baby" in New Orleans style. The word is “Baae,” where you stretch out the “a” slightly, then do the same with the “e” in “Baee.” It's said quickly, almost like a smooth, swift greeting. Think of casually saying, "What's up, baby?" in that distinct New Orleans rhythm. Shop with us today and add a little bit of the Big Easy to your wardrobe!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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